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Monserrate Bogotá teleferico cable car | Bogotá Colombia bucketlist

What to do in Bogotá, Colombia’s highly under-rated capital

Bogotá totally took us by surprise during our travels. From other travellers’ reviews, we expected to hate this orange-bricked metropolis, but after spending over 2 weeks in Bogotá, using it as a base to have a normal working life during a big freelance project, we ended up loving it

The 11 best bars in Antigua, Guatemala

For a relatively small place, Antigua Guatemala is bursting with great bars, restaurants & cafés. We’ve collated a list of the best bars in Antigua for just a few drinks or a night of partying.

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Montañita & Ayampe: Ecuador’s surfing paradise

Surfers’ paradise! Travellers flock to Montañita, Ecuador, for sun, waves and partying all year round. Parties flood onto the street & music pours out onto the beach until the early hours on Fridays & Saturdays, when long-haired travellers & local city-dwellers descend on the town.

Sunning with the elite in Punta del Este, the Miami of Uruguay

It’s hard to really judge this city because we went in October, when the resort is facing serious down-time.. Saying that, Punta del Este has a huge reputation for being the coolest play to vacay if you’re a wealthy young thang, so we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

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