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Mompóx, Colombia, a pueblo frozen in time

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Mompóx, Colombia (pronounced MomPOSH or MomPOSS, and confusingly sometimes spelt Mompós) is a town frozen in time. Beautiful yellow colonial architecture, cobbled streets and chalupa longboats taxi-ing people across the river make this a special place to see for yourself. Though it’s been on people’s travel radars for a while, there aren’t many tourists in the town still. When you read on to the “How to get to Mompox” section, you’ll understand why.

There aren’t many things to do in Mompox, and for some on a tight travel schedule the effort of getting there doesn’t equate to the value of being there. However, for us it was the perfect chance to escape city life, mill around and recharge our batteries for our next round of travels.

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P.S. Sadly, we’re having to sell our souls to SEO at this point, and since people are far more likely to google Mompox without an accent (who even knows how to find those on a keyboard?!) we’re going to be writing it as ‘Mompox’, not ‘Mompóx’, from now on. Spanish-speakers and pedants, we are eternally sorry.

red church: things to do in mompox colombia


Where is Mompox, Colombia?

In the Northern department of Bolivar (though also on the border with the Magdalena department), Mompox sits on Colombia’s largest inland island, Isla Margerita. It’s separated from the mainland by the Magdalena river. This made it a very important town back in the day, though it was eventually dwarfed by Magangué downriver.

It took us approximately 9 hours to get from Cartagena to Mompox, even though they’re in the same department. It wasn’t terrible though, as the bus/boat route from Cartagena to Mompox was one of the most interesting we’ve travelled in Colombia, with terrain transforming from Caribbean coastlines to rice fields and flat marshland.

Prepare to see a Colombia you hadn’t imagined before!

How to get to Mompox Colombia

Well, isn’t this just a joy? The journey to get to this part of Colombia is not for those who like to travel fast, and the only way to travel to Mompox time-efficiently is to let an overnight bus take you while you sleep.

This is Colombia off the beaten path, so it takes more effort to reap the rewards!

The coming section on how to get to Mompox is going to be a bit complicated, so bear with us.


How to get to Mompox from Cartagena

1. Take a taxi to the Cartagena bus terminal

Helpfully, the Cartagena bus terminal is nowhere near the walled centre of Cartagena so you’ll need to find private transport to get there with all your stuff. It’s not situated in a particularly pleasant area so it should not be a journey that you attempt to walk.

The taxi will take you around 45-60 minutes, traffic-dependent.

2. Buy a bus ticket to Magangué at the Brasilia/Unitransco desk

Contrary to what our hostel told us, these buses do not run ‘all day long’. We bought tickets for the 8:30am for 25k each; the only other option was 9pm (which would have gone directly to Mompox, but it’s only 6.5 hours away so you arrive at silly o’clock – not ideal in a small town in rural Colombia).

Costeño also have this route a few desks down, so check if their times are better for you.

We really need to get better at taking phone photos whilst running for the bus. 

Brasilia bus Cartagena Copetran bus terminal How to get to Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

3. From Magangué, get a taxi to the port

As soon as you get off the bus, there will be a crowd of excitable taxi drivers asking passengers where they want to go – though to be fair if you stand out as a tourist in any way they’ll immediately suggest ‘El Puerto?’.

Lots of these taxi guys are actually moped drivers; if you feel comfortable riding a moped with your luggage then it will work out cheaper – just note that the ride is about 15 minutes long on busy main roads and there will be no helmet offered.

Don’t be hesitant to ask for a car instead, there will be plenty ready to take you to the port for 8k COP.

chalupa magangue port boat to Mompox colombia | How to get to Mompos Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

4. At the port, buy a chalupa ticket to Bodega

Once at the port, head to the ticket office to the very top right of the terminal, near the doors to the river. This chalupa boat ride is 15-20 minutes and will cost you 9k.

The last chalupa boat leaves at 5pm, but there’s not really anything to see in Magangué that would keep you from going directly from the bus to the port.

The chalupas operate as colectivos, so there’s no telling how long they take to fill up and leave. We were pretty bummed to see we were the first people on a new boat of 25 or so, but we only had to wait 20 minutes in the end for enough passengers to buy tickets for our chalupa.

Once you’ve bought your place on the boat, you have the option to wait in the terminal to be called, but since we almost missed this whilst sitting there like lemons we recommend that you instead head down to the river and just sit on the chalupa until it fills up.

How to get to Mompós Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

5. Grab a taxi to get to Mompox from Bodega

Now, the last leg of your journey, getting a taxi to Mompox once you landed at Bodega. The roads are pretty rough most of the way, so the journey will be a slow 45 minutes.

Again, there are moto taxis available, but we’d recommend getting a colectivo car taxi.

How to get to Mompox from Bogota

There are day and night buses that go directly to Mompox from Bogotá Terminal Salitre, or to nearby El Banco, from which you’ll need to take an hour 4×4 ride to the town. Note that the buses tend to be slower than expected, so the 14 hours journey was actually 19 hours on our return to Bogotá.

To get back to Bogotá, you can buy bus tickets at the Copetran terminal, behind the cemetery, or online at (you’ll still need to go to the Copetran desk to validate your ticket just before getting on the bus).

In case you were expecting something official-looking, this is the terminal:

Copetran bus terminal How to get to Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

A lot of people actually warned us against this bus, saying the roads were too bad, but in our opinion it felt a much safer and more comfortable bus ride than some of the hair-raising experiences we’ve had on buses around Antioquia or Quindío.

Admittedly we were put a little on edge when the bus driver asked the passengers to join him in a group prayer, stating “I alone do not have the skill to drive this bus from Mompox to Bogota, I need Jesus to drive with me”. Thankfully, Jesus did indeed take the wheel, and ‘Los extranjeros’ (that’s us) did get a special shout-out in the blessings, so we’ve got give the guy some credit.

How to get to Mompox from Medellín

Expreso Brasilia and Rápido Ochoa are bus companies that both offer 11 hour night buses from Medellín Terminal del Sur to Magangué.

From there, you’d have to get the chalupa to Bodega and then taxi to the town, as laid out in the ‘Mompox from Cartagena’ step 4 section above.

chalupa magangue colombia magdalena river | How to get to Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

The other option is to get a 9 hour bus to Aguachica and then another bus to El Banco, then get to Mompox via taxi, but the times that this would get you into Aguachica would noooot be too pleasant, as it leaves from Medellín at 4:45pm.

How to get to Mompox by plane

While there is no public-use airport at Mompox, the other option is to fly to the town’s vicinity via Corazol Las Brujas Airport near Sincelejo, get a colectivo to Magangué and then continue the journey to Mompox via chalupa and taxi as above.

If doing this on the return, you need to factor in the fact that colectivos can take hours to leave if no one turns up to fill them, so book a later flight and get started on your journey to the airport as early as possible.

mompox colombia

Safety in Mompox

According to some Colombians, the Magdalena area has a reputation for sexual assaults. We still got to know plenty of comfortable solo female travellers there; just remember to be extra vigilant.

We met a Colombian girl travelling solo as a tourist who arrived at Bodega late, and instead of a mototaxi she opted to hitch a lift with a delivery van to her destination, because she was worried about the area’s reputation and felt that he was more restricted to main roads than moto taxis. We’re not sure we’d 100% recommend this plan of action, but liked her initiative!

chalupa magangue colombia magdalena river | How to get to Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

Walking around the town at night, things did feel small-town safe in the centre. Further out, the areas are decidedly less pristine and public funding is very obviously cut sharply, so just take normal precautions if you venture away from the historical centre after dark.

Generally, we felt completely comfortable in Mompox, and although the locals seemed to stare at us a lot, they were all extremely welcoming. We found ourselves strolling around town dropping ‘Buenas’s like they were going out of fashion.

How to get to Mompox Mompós Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

Things to do in Mompox, Colombia

There’s not a lot of things to do in Mompox, really, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. We came across a few people who had planned a 4-5 day stay because it takes so damn long to get there but left after 2 days because of lack of things to do.

As suggestions, we’ll list a few things to do in Mompox for you, but other than these, do not feel guilty at merely sitting back and soaking up those small town vibes.

1. Take a river cruise

Due to its place on the delta of the Magdalena river, Mompox is a great spot to come to for bird watchers.

The best way to catch sight of some winged wonder is to embark on a bird-watching river cruise for 60,000 COP.

Magdalena river: things to do in mompox colombia


2. Cycle out into the countryside

In several places in Mompox, you can rent bikes to explore nearby towns. The countryside is generally flat and dusty-roaded, and the neighbouring villages tend to be friendly.

Not far from the town, you’ll start to see people’s way of life become very rustic, complete with straw roofs and washing clothes in the Magdalena river.

3. Admire the architecture

Hard to miss in Mompox! Stroll around all the stunning churches of the town, making sure you also take some time to see the beautiful cemetery.

Colombians are big fans of crypts and mausoleums over burials which makes their tributes to the dead all the more awe-inspiring.

Cemetario Mompox things to do in Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide

Where to stay in Mompox, Colombia

There’s not a huge amount of choice for places to stay in Mompox, nor any extreme budget options, but there are a few nice-looking hotels to consider, such as the famous Casa Amarilla or Portal de la Marquesa with its beautiful patio, and also a couple of hostels.

We stayed in Pueblito Mágico, which we had mixed feelings about. The common areas are really beautifully put together, with both indoor and outdoor spaces to relax. The room we were given – the ensuite double right next to reception – was incredible, but we had a peek in at the other double for the same price and the dorm rooms and they looked pretty cramped and dank. 

Where to stay Pueblito Magico hostels in Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

Our room was spotless but the kitchen didn’t feel so clean, nor well-equipped. The owner was away and one of the remaining staff was a new volunteer, so although very friendly knew absolutely nothing about the hostel or local area. The other member of staff did his best not to do any work or answer questions fully.

This led to some mix-ups with a couple of people’s travel plans that they tried to arrange through the hostel. The hostel also ran out of drinking water for a couple of days as they kept forgetting to buy a new tank.

Pueblito Mágico hostel was good enough for what we needed in Mompox, but a few tweaks could really transform the place. The location is really perfect, riverside and right next to one of the Mompox’s prettiest churches:

Yellow church in Mompox Colombia Magdalena travel guide Bolivar mompos

If we had our time in Mompox, Colombia, again, we’d probably opt to stay at Casa Isabelita because JUST LOOK AT WHAT A BEAUTY THAT IS. Nicely located with one of the lower price points of places to stay in Mompox.


Where to eat & drink in Mompox

It may not be very traditionally Colombian, but Luna de Mompox is a wonderful little curbside restaurant in a quiet plaza. The pizzas are great and it’s very popular with locals.

For coffee and/or breakfast, Sol de Agua Café is a must. Wifi is strong here so it’s the perfect place to head to if you need to get some work done with views of the river.

Sol de Agua Cafe Mompox Colombia travel guide

What’s the Mompox climate like?

Now, Mompox is HAWT, like 36 degrees Celsius hot, so if you were uncomfortable in Cartagena you just wait.

At night it’s the ideal temperature to sit on a veranda with some beers, so use that thought to get you through the day.

Magdalena River Mompox Colombia travel guide

How long to stay in Mompox, Colombia: 2-3 days


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