The perfect country to visit if you’re looking for lots of beauty in nature; authentic indigenous culture; cheap Spanish tuition and getting slightly off the Gringo Trail.

La Paz Cathedral: day 1 of 2 weeks bolivia itinerary

If we only had 2 weeks: Bolivia itinerary

As this is a 2 week trip, we assume that you are beginning and ending your 2 weeks Ecuador itinerary in Quito. Please note that if you want to visit the incredible Galapagos Islands, we would recommend a bare minimum of 10 days in itself.

torotoro bolivia nature national park activities tours travel guide tips

Torotoro National Park, Bolivia’s epic jurassic adventure hub

Torotoro is famous for the nearby dinosaur footprints, as well as canyon, caves and interesting 7 mountain peaks. Other than activity tours, there’s not a huge amount to do or see once you get to Torotoro town itself, but the tours and following exhaustion should keep you busy enough.

what to pack for travel photography cochabamba city cityscape bolivia development indigenous woman stands on cliff

Cochabamba, Bolivia: The city with a Christ as big as Rio’s

We got very lucky with our visit to Cochabamba. On the night bus there from Santa Cruz, the German friend we were travelling with invited us to stay with his local amiga in the city. Adriana and her family were SO welcoming, we could never thank them enough.

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