The perfect country to visit if you’re looking for insane BBQs, street parties, white-sand beaches, Amazon exploration and awe-inspiring waterfalls.

2 weeks north Brazil itinerary: North-East Brazil things to do Salvador Pelourinho Brazil Bahia

If we only had 2 weeks: North Brazil itinerary

When planning your 2 weeks North Brazil itinerary, you need to factor in increased travel times to account for its sheer size, as well as the fact that routes between cities can’t always be assumed to exist, even if they are both major or they look close on the map.

2 weeks in south brazil itinerary - iguazu falls

If we only had 2 weeks: South Brazil itinerary

Remember, Brazil is GINORMOUS, like almost the size of Europe ginormous, and plane or bus transport internally tends to be both long & relatively expensive compared to the Latin average. Brazil needs a bit more travel prep than other countries in LatAm, in our experience!

3 months in Brazil best experiences and worst things about Brazil | travel blog | Cuppa to Copa Travels South America Guides couple travel

The highs and lows of 3 months in Brazil

Our 3 months in Brazil has shown us what an incredible part of the world this is – it’s truly a country like no other. Nowhere else have we experienced such vibrance and energy. Here are our highlights are low points from our travels in Brazil.

chapada dos guimaraes Mato Grosso Brazil nature hikes activities what things to do

Chapada dos Guimarães, Mato Grosso’s waterfall capital

Chapada dos Guimarães, a town nestled in a national park, is not yet popular with international tourists – or even with tourists from other Brazilian states – and instead is mostly a weekend retreat for people who live and work in Mato Grosso’s capital, Cuiabá.

Curitiba Brazil travel guide South America backpacking

Curitiba: Brazil’s most sustainable green city

European architecture and modern street art blend perfectly together, and the centre of the city has lush parks from which to watch the world go by. Curitiba, Brazil ’s first ‘green city’, continues to be its most sustainable.

Best beaches of Brazil Arraial do Cabo beaches travel guide blog

Arraial do Cabo; Brazil’s answer to the Caribbean?

Known as the Brazilian Caribbean, this fantastic little town is surrounded by white sands and turquoise waters in every direction. Arraial do Cabo beaches are famed for their beauty, and we completely, utterly, unequivocally understand why.

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