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Work with me

As a long-time blogger, professional photographer and experienced brand strategy consultant with an engaged social media following, I can offer a variety of services to brands looking to collaborate. These include:

  • Sponsored product, hotel and tour reviews
  • Professional product, hotel and tour photography
  • Social media promotions
  • Press trips
  • In-content links
  • Copy-writing of travel articles for other sites

Why work with me?

I’m committed, creative and a hopeless perfectionist. Starting my career at a London brand strategy consultancy has given me a deep understanding of how to position a brand and adjust its voice to best appeal to its key audience, and I approach every task with an eye on the strategic bigger picture behind it.

Over the years, my brand consultancy career has led me to work with international brands such as PlayStation, Google and Unilever, as well as start-ups like GigRealm, and personal branding projects for TV presenters.

In 2015, I finally took the plunge to seriously pursue my passion for photography, having developed a near-unhealthy obsession with absorbing all the information I could to improve the quality of my casual travel snaps.

By 2017, I’d launched my photography business, Lauren Squire Photography, and have been using these skills to find work across the UK, USA and Latin America ever since, as well as building a stock photography portfolio to be sold on sites such as Getty and Shutterstock.

In terms of content-writing, if the 200k+ words of this blog haven’t convinced you, I have also provided copywriting services to the likes of Dr Aron Treatment Support and Heidelberg University, in addition to smaller local businesses such as Squire Estates.

I am experienced in using WordPress, Wix, Blogger and Squarespace, and have strong knowledge of SEO.


If you’d like to get in contact with me about a collaboration, please email me at Please note, I do not take part in random link-swaps, nor do I publish full guest posts. Kindly hold fire on the incessant spam.

I look forward to working with you!


You can find out more about me as a travel blogger here.