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This collection is to give you more general travel tips to help you to get prepared for a trip anywhere in the world.

Life admin before you travel full-time | how to travel the world as a digital nomad prep | obtain consent to let rent out property to travel

Essential UK life admin to tackle before you travel full-time

When you’re on your way to quitting your job and going full-time travelling, it’s likely that all you’ll be thinking of is trip-planning, destination-browsing and clothes-buying. However, there are a few life admin tasks before you travel full-time that we’re afraid need to be taken care of too.

what to pack for travel photography cochabamba city cityscape bolivia development indigenous woman stands on cliff

What I pack for travel photography when backpacking

Want to make the most out of your camera on your next trip but not sure what you pack for travel photography? Aside from being quality, travel photography equipment needs to be as light and versatile as possible.

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