If we only had 2 weeks: Argentina itinerary (without any hiking!)

la boca buenos aires 2 weeks in argentina

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Not everyone is into hiking, and I, for one, absolutely get that. Unfortunately for those people, Argentina is the kind of place where backpackers expect you to REALLY LOVE HIKING, and many of the recommendations you’ll hear from other travellers on the road will revolve around the trails they’ve traversed and the mountains they’ve conquered.

That’s not really my bag, so I’ve written this 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary without hiking – but also without besieging yourself within the capital city for the whole time.

You can still very much appreciate the beauty, landscapes and culture of the country without donning your walking boots. That being said, it won’t be completely void of physical activities.

mendoza 2 weeks in argentina

As always, this 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary is a whirlwind tour, so if you prefer to have a slower experience I’d recommend cutting out one of the cities except Buenos Aires – choose depending on what you want to get out of your trip.

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This 2-week Argentina itinerary assumes that you will start and finish in Buenos Aires as that’s the main international link, but there is also the opportunity to zip over the Chilean border to Santiago at the end of it, or of course do it backwards if coming from Chile. Allow the best part of a day to do this land border crossing, and try to get the earliest bus possible to avoid the backlog of processing people.

It’s up to you whether you move between these cities by road or plane; Argentina is fairly well-connected in both, and their main destinations sit hundreds of miles apart. If going by bus, I highly recommend sticking to night buses as you don’t want to lose any days from your 2 weeks in Argentina (plus then you save on a night’s accommodation costs!).

2 weeks in Argentina itinerary

Here’s the skeleton of my 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary, to find out what I suggest you spend your time doing in each destination, keep scrolling down to the next section.

Turn your phone to the side to fit everything in!
DayDestinationWhere to stay on a budgetMore luxurious stays
1Buenos AiresMaleva Muraña HostelTango de Mayo Hotel
2Buenos Aires
3Buenos Aires
4Buenos Aires
5Córdoba531 HostelAzur Real Boutique Hotel
8MendozaHostel LagaresCasa Lila
11BarilocheVintage Bariloche Hostel BoutiqueBariloche Costa del Lago Ollagua
14Buenos Aires

How to fill your 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary

Days 1-4: Buenos Aires

That’s right, a whole 4 days in the capital! Buenos Aires is totally unskippable if spending 2 weeks in Argentina, as it’s incredibly exciting and jam-packed with things to do. Top of the list is of course eating and drinking, and an evening in the very humble but eye-wateringly tasty Don Niceto steak restaurant in Palermo Soho is a must.

Food-lovers, this is a great city in which to do a cooking class; check out Norma Soued, a lady who teaches you to cook in her apartment privately, or make more or an evening with it by taking this small-group cooking class with wine cocktails.

If you’re partial to partying, Palermo is the neighbourhood you want to be heading to in order to find the most interesting bars and clubs.

Make sure you max out on the city tours here. There’s so so much to learn about in this gorgeous city. Spend an afternoon being told about the looming mausoleums of the Recoleta cemetery, learn all about the street art of Palermo and don’t leave Buenos Aires without taking a guided tour of the colourful neighbourhood of La Boca to see how the city was built from the ground up by Italian and Spanish immigrant workers.

recoleta cemetery statue buenos aires 2 weeks in argentina

Days 5-7: Córdoba

Córdoba has a very interesting history in terms of both the Jesuit development of the city and also the story of the thousands of Argentinians who went missing in the night at the hands of one of the country’s military regimes. This is definitely best learnt about through a guided tour of Córdoba as there’s a lot to take in.

But while Córdoba is a beautiful city, it hasn’t made it onto this 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary for the urban sights. Oh no, the best is yet to come.

I thoroughly recommend that whilst in Córdoba you hire a car (Priceline is usually cheapest in South America) and take it out to independently explore Las Sierras de Córdoba. These are miles and miles of green, rolling hills that surround the city, with little Germanic villages to have coffee in here and there. Be sure to check out my photo dump of Las Sierras in this post.

If you aren’t sure about driving in Argentina or are not old enough to rent a car there (25), there are also options for tours that take you to some of the most interesting towns and villages (including the one where Che Guevara grew up).

You can also adopt the gaucho way and and see Las Sierras de Córdoba on horseback!

Days 8-10: Mendoza

Couldn’t let you spend 2 weeks in Argentina without getting wine drunk in a field, now could we? As far as Argentinian wine goes, Mendoza is a Mecca, so it’s the best place to go to do multiple vineyard tours in a row. Surprisingly, the different vineyards do offer different information in their tours, plus obviously the wine tasting is different at the end, so it is definitely worth your time going to lots. And lots and lots.

Hiring a bike independently is a nice way to do this, but again, a guided tour will help you get the most out of your time as some of the vineyards are quite far apart (opt for the Winebike day for a very unique experience!).

When you’re not distinguishing your Merlots from your Malbecs, you might want to dip your toes into some of the Inca history here with a van tour of the Andes mountains.

sierras de cordoba 2 weeks in argentina road trip hills

Days 11-13: Bariloche

I’m not going to lie to you, Bariloche is a place that you can get a lot out of if hiking. In fact, my first ever hike was Bariloche’s Llao Llao Circuit – fairly easy for beginners if you’re feeling brave.

However, there is still lots to do here when not hiking. It’s a cutesy little ski holiday town in Patagonia’s lake district that kind of resembles Bavaria at times, but that’s something in Argentina that you just have to get used to seeing (lots of *ahem* Europeans came here after the Second World War…).

A Cerro Otto teleférico ride to the viewpoint gives you a better view of the incredible landscapes without you having to climb a single incline, and you can get an even better look at the 7 lakes with a guided road-trip that takes you round the area’s most picturesque roads.

There’s also the chocolate museum, which takes you all the way from the indigenous South American history of cocoa beans up to the present day (with tasting!).

If you want more blood flowing through your limbs, you can try your hand at kayaking on some of the lakes, or even skiing at the nearby slopes.

Day 14: Buenos Aires

Well, that 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary should tucker you out and have you ready for your journey home! Give yourself a day to get back to the city just in case you hit some delays or issues. Argentinian transport is generally quite reliable, buy you just never really know in South America!

If you’re going from Bariloche to Buenos Aires, the 2-hour flight is definitely a must as the bus is 24 hours!

Got more than 2 weeks in Argentina?

Well, lucky you! If you have a bit more than 2 weeks in Argentina, I’d recommend two options: the first is to add another city in Argentina to your 2-week itinerary, like Rosario. This is a lovely city that’s know for its opportunity to explore the rivers and party with the students.

The second option would be spending more time in Buenos Aires and taking some day-trips out of the city, such as to Tigre or visiting Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay by ferry.

tigre river buenos aires 2 weeks in argentina

Not quite convinced on 2 weeks in Argentina?

If you’re not yet sold on a 2 weeks in Argentina itinerary, and want to hone in on where in Latin America to spend your 2 weeks’ holiday, you might also want to check these out before booking those flights!


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