Top spots for nightlife in Bogotá, Colombia; whether chilled beers or a crazy night out

Andres Carne de Res bar | best clubs of Bogotá Chía Colombia | Colombia nightlife tips

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Nightlife in Bogotá really is a banger; this city comes aliiiiive at night. There are plenty of bars to go to if you just want a few chilled beers or cocktails with friends, and then there are the more raucous bars and clubs that will have you dancing till the sun comes up.

Unlike other Colombian cities such as Medellín and Cartagena, the nightlife in Bogota is really spread out across the metropolis, so there’s no one particular party zone, though the closest thing to this in terms of the number of bars and clubs would be the hubs at Zona T or Parque 93.

With an exception of the swankier cocktail bars around Parque 93, the majority of the nightlife in Bogota is pretty cheap. Beers can be as little as 4k COP (£1) in the smaller bars, and there are even all-you-can-drink clubs to be found. Below is my round-up of the best places for nightlife in Bogota from my 7 months in the city.

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The capital is a key stop to add when planning your backpacking trip around Colombia, so once you’ve polished off all the things to do in the city during the day, get your glad-rags on and head down to some of the below options for nightlife in Bogota.

In terms of what to wear, most of Bogota’s bars and clubs are fairly relaxed, with jeans and a nice top (plus leather jacket) fine in most joints. People do like to look well-groomed, but it’s not often you see women fully done-up in tight dresses and heels.

Chilled nightlife in Bogota

Calle 45 (La 45)

Palermo. Craft beer pubs and studenty vibes. Mostly busy on a Friday evening after work (but things tail off at around 10pm because the Transmilenio ends service!).

El Mono Bandido

Quinta Camacho. Fantastic for a friendly atmosphere that feels a little like you’re in a pub in London.

nightlife in bogota colombia mono bandido

Colombia Metal Garage

Calle 72 off Avenida Caracas. Major after-work vibes on a Friday, so get there early (around 4 or 5!) to find a seat!

Zona T area

Plenty of places to drink here! Check out El Oso, El Sindicato or Bruder for some craft beer-fuelled nightlife in Bogotá, and get yourself to Gringo Tuesdays that holds a weekly language exchange (on, you guessed it, Tuesdays) before turning into a nightclub.

nightlife in bogota colombia zona t oso

Meeting House

Santa Fe. Great, relaxed place for non-regimented language exchanges in Bogota. They put on loads of events throughout the week such as movie and games nights, so keep up with them on their social media pages.

Click Clack rooftop bar

Parque 93. A bit pricey but there are views of the whole city! The rooftop is quite small so if you’re a larger group try and book ahead of time.

Going out-out: Louder nightlife in Bogota, Colombia


Chapinero Central. Bogotá’s largest gay club, though it’s popular with such a mix of people we didn’t realise it was a gay club until the second time we went. There are 5 floors offering all you can drink for 40k (£10), and they do not hold back on the spirits!

You’ll find other LGBTQ nightlife in Bogota around the Parque Hippies area, off Carrera 7, in the form of some much smaller bars.

Gaira Café

Parque 93. Shit-tons of salsa by the local elite. It’s not a cheap place by Colombian standards but worth it for the dancing and live fusion music from 11:30pm. Entry is 35k and cocktails start at 27k.

best nightlife in bogota colombia bogotá

Andres Carne de Res

Chía – not the one in the Zona T area of Bogota, it’s not half as good!. More detail in the ‘Nightlife in Bogota’s outskirts‘ section below.

Café Rosas

La Candelaria. A small, intimate place with a nice cosy vibe and decent music to dance to.


Zona T. A club on the top floor of a building with two rooms – one usually for reggaeton and one for more electronic styles of music like techno, though it can change depending on the night. Morena is the place to find student nightlife in Bogota.

nightlife in bogota colombia zona t morena


La Candelaria. If you’re in Colombia for a bit of salsa but don’t have a chance to get to Cali, head down to this salsa joint for some hip-swaying fun. Sometimes charges for entry depending on the live band that’s playing, but the fee is usually only around 15k COP.

El Patio

Galerías. A very local place for nightlife in Bogota, Colombia. Keep in mind that after 9:30pm on a weekend you can only buy bottles of spirits.


Chapinero Central. A ‘beer garden’ that’s actually a banging nightclub. Entry costs 20k. This gets verrrry busy on a weekend, so you can expect to queue.

Where to party Bogota Colombia | Bogotá bars and nightclubs


Santa Fe. Usually less of a rowdy affair on the 41st floor of a skyscraper, with ad hoc live music nights and the occasional party. Look out for Tacón & Chicle events for a bigger night.

Fatima Hostel

La Candelaria. One of the party hostels in Bogota, this place has lots of activities and a bar that’s also open to the public.


La Porciúncula. Not quite a party hostel, but there are weekly events hosted at this boutique accommodation, often featuring live DJs or bands.

Nightlife in Bogota’s outskirts: Andres Carne de Res, Chía

This deserves a section of its own. If you ask a local where to find nightlife in Bogota, THIS is invariably their answer. Nestled 45 minutes outside the city in a small town called Chía, Andres Carne de Res might be classified as a bar or restaurant, but that’s a complete an utter lie.

It’s an experience.

Your stay in Bogota is simply not complete without it. It’s really hard to describe this masterpiece other than eclectic, unforgettable and ‘wow’. It’ll stun you from the moment you walk in. There is another Andres restaurant/bar in Zona T, which will be a cool experience, but not quite up to the same level as the one in Chía.

Andres Carne de Res bar | best clubs of Bogotá Chía Colombia | Colombia nightlife tips by Cuppa to Copa Travels

When to go to Andres Carne de Res, Chía

You’ll need to go on a Friday or Saturday, you’ll need to dress like you’re going to a nice bar, and you’ll need to get there fairly early (at about 9-10pm) if you don’t want to wait in a long, long queue. For dinner, it’s best to reserve your table online.

Eating at Andres Carne de Res

Although pricey, we really recommend eating there; it’s probably the best meal we had in Colombia (apart from the magical motorway bridge arepas of Cali).

Note: if you ask for a steak, Colombians count well-done, medium and rare as quarters, with ¾ being medium-to-well-done. If you ask simply for ‘rare’ in Andres, as Lozzy did, you risk it coming out raw, with a sizzling hotplate for you to cook it to your own taste (definitely not complaining). Cocktails at Andres are pricey, but very worth it. Just flicking through their magazine of a menu is satisfying.

Andres Carne de Res bar | best clubs of Bogotá Chía Colombia | Colombia nightlife tips by Cuppa to Copa Travels

After dinner, head straight out to the dancefloor – there are two buildings as part of Andres Carne de Res. The first seems the best for the beginning of the night, but then go with the flow as it spills out into the second monster dancefloor out the back later on.

How to get to Andres Carne de Res from Bogotá – and back

Chía is about 45 minutes outside of Bogotá. The first time we went, we organised our own taxi there and back because there were 4 of us. In the Uber, this cost around 30k COP. However, most hostels in Bogotá will organise transfers for travellers in the form of a party bus (chiva), so we took advantage of this when a couple of our friends came to visit.

A ticket for the Andres Carne de Res bus will also give you a couple of free shots and entry to Andres, plus the return journey too at around 2-3am. You’ll sometimes have a chance to eat there too, but that’s not included in the ticket price. The bus journey is a really good chance to meet others before you get inside this bewildering cave of wonders.


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