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Being digital nomads isn’t all breezy. Instagram may tell you that we work on the beach, piña colada in hand, but the truth is that a large part of our first few days in a new place is often spent dodging from hotspot to hotspot, trying to suss the best atmospheres with the strongest WiFi at the lowest prices. Now in our seventh month in this city, we’ve sussed out the best workspaces for digital nomads in Bogota to crush their targets and generally get shit done.

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Here are our findings on the best workspaces for digital nomads in Bogota:


Javianera or Diagonal 20A

Located in the middle of student-ville Javianera, Lozzy’s favourite ever coffee shop smells so good you have to remind yourself not to lick the furniture. There’s nothing better than setting up office with a large cappuccino campesino (with cinnamon and sugar cane in the mix) and watching Colombia’s future elite hard at work.

There is an excessive amount of seating in the garden, but if you want to grab a chair inside next to an outlet to charge your laptop, get there before the lunchtime rush.

Although we frequented the Varietale in Javianera, there is another location on Diagonal 20A in Las Aguas, near Candelaria. Both are excellent workspaces for digital nomads in Bogotá.

Varietale Javianera coffee shop | Best workspaces for digital nomads in Bogota Colombia

CoWo workspaces

Chicó Norte or Quinta Camacho

With two locations in the capital, CoWo is a small but growing brand bringing start-ups and digital nomads in Bogota together under one roof (ok, two). They’ve taken to converting large residential homes in pretty neighbourhoods into colourful, stimulating workspaces. In our opinion, the Chicó Norte house, situated up in the heart of the financial district, is the better of the two.

It’s a better workspace for digital nomads as it has much greater hotdesk availability and a more laid-back atmosphere since there are fewer permanent offices being rented.

Having one of CoWo’s plans does allow you to use either houses, though. One of the great things about CoWo is the flexibility of their workspace plans – at the time of writing, you can buy 20 hours a month for 110,000 COP (just under £30) or 80 hours for 220,000 (~£55) instead of being locked into full monthly access, which makes it a perfect workspace for digital nomads in Bogotá who, like us, work sporadically whenever projects come in.

CoWo Bogotá coworking space Chico Norte | Best places for digital nomads in Bogotá, Colombia | Travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels
Source: CoWo Bogotá


Zona T

Not only does this offer a beautiful space for anyone to work in the coffee shop downstairs, Emprendu is also a fully-fledged co-working office, providing hotdesk and fixed desk plans for up to 400 people. It seems more popular with small local businesses who aren’t yet big enough to invest in a private office space than digital nomads, but that probably means that the networking and development events put on by Emprendu are better attended and more fruitful.

A plan for a dedicated desk is 550000 COP a month, with discounts for buying over a longer time period.

Emprendu coworking space for digitl nomads in Bogota

Juan Valdez Orígines

Zona G

There’s just something about this place. Juan Valdez coffee always tastes better at the Orígenes coffee shop on Calle 70 in Zona G. The Colombian coffee brand’s flagship café is three-storied, complete with a wall of grass, bookable meeting areas and rooftop sofas to help you get in the zone. The place is always alive with study groups, business meetings and lone workers, so the workspace buzz keeps things from feeling stale while you nail your tasks.

Make sure you get there early as despite being huge, desk space can get snapped up pretty quickly.

Juan Valdez Origines Zona G | Best places for digital nomads in Bogotá, Colombia | Travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Selina Co-working

La Porciúncula, Chapinero

Whatever Selina touches seems to turn to gold right now. And luckily for us, they’ve just opened a brand-spanking new workspace in Chapinero. Beautifully designed as always, Selina co-working Chapinero offers all the usual, but in an instagrammable setting.

Expect to find more passing backpacker types than fixed-desk local workers. Like CoWo, Selina offer flexible plans whereby a 7-day pass will allow you to use 7 days sporadically rather than one continuous week. Prices for 7 days start from 180,000 COP / £90 for a hotdesk.

Selina co-working space chapinero Bogotá Colombia | best locations in Bogotá for Digital nomads


Various locations

If you can afford to WeWork, it never hurts to WeWork. Renowned globally, WeWork has a huge amount of investment behind it, and it shows – in fact, they also have a huge stake in Selina Co-working, so you’ll see set-up similarities between the two workspaces in Bogotá. If large networking events, comfy workspaces and free beer tickle your fancy, get splashing that cash.

Digital nomads in Bogotá are blessed with 10 WeWork locations, each with slightly different offerings. Our choice of workspace would be La 93 for the closeness to the buzz of Parque 93 and the slightly lower monthly price (560,000 COP / ~£130 per month for a hotdesk pass).


And when you’re done with your workweek… Don’t forget to recharge your batteries with a day-trip or weekend break for Bogotá. It’s good for the soul – and your lungs 😉


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Varietale Javianera coffee shop | Best places for digital nomads in Bogotá, Colombia | Travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

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