A simple guide to the 4 best cameras for travel blogging in 2021

gopro hero best cameras for travel blogging

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International travel may be more or less dead at the beginning of 2021, but is travel blogging dead? Hell, naw. Bloggers are still whittling away to provide useful information and inspirational content for people, even if that’s now focused on building blogs on the beautiful things to see around their hometown & how to save money instead of where to find the most exotic beaches & unbelievable Airbnbs.

So while I certainly don’t encourage proper travel right now, I still think this is a great time to hone your skills, build your blog and get ready to make amazing content once the world is open once more. And to do that…. well, you’re going to need some gear.

Below are what I (and thousands of reviewers) consider the best cameras for travel blogging in 2021, plus the accessories that are going to make them work harder for you. These pieces of kit will be able to cover all your content needs, from story snaps to breath-taking images and cinematic video. Time to capture your world!

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Best cameras for travel blogging:

Bronze: iPhone 12 Pro

This pains me, it really does. I’m a fervent hater of the choice-constraining Apple ecosystem (yes, I’m typing this on a MacBook), but it has to be said that Apple iPhones do absolutely trounce other brands when it comes to having the best cameras for travel blogging.

Now, the iPhone portrait mode is still too buggy to replace a DSLR with a wide aperture lens (it was cool for like 3 weeks when launched), but staying out of speciality settings and sticking with a simple point-and-shoot approach can easily get you some stunning travel photos. With this model, you can even shoot raw on iPhones, meaning it captures as much data as a DSLR camera, and it has a LiDAR scanner for portraits at night.

Polish these up with an editor like Lightroom and you can produce some absolutely epic content for your travel blog.

Recommended accessories to get the best out of this camera for travel blogging:

Silver: GoPro Hero 9

I only got my hands on a GoPro 14 months into my travels, and let me tell you now, this is a game-changer. Shockproof, waterproof and crazy-high quality, the GoPro 9 is there for all the moments that my DSLR can’t handle. Video can be taken with all the smoothness of top-of-the-range stabilisation technology, and the stills from the video are incredible at 5k (yes, five).

You can change the camera lens perspective to be with or without that fisheye effect that GoPros are famous for. The fact that the lens can get so super-wide is another factor that solidifies the GoPro Hero 9 as a firm favourite amongst the best cameras for travel blogging; it’s so easy to get everything in-frame. For people who want really high quality content but don’t want to delve into learning about DSLR photography, I cannot recommend this camera enough.

Recommended accessories to get the best out of this camera for travel blogging:

Gold: Sony Alpha 7C Compact full-frame camera

Sony was the first major player to perfect a mirrorless camera, though others have now followed suit, with the Canon R5 and the Nikon Z6 getting great reviews. Being mirrorless is one of the reasons that the Sony Alpha 7C Compact is one of the best cameras for travel blogging, as mirrorless camera can be far smaller and significantly lighter than your average full-frame DSLR.

And on top of that, this is the Compact version, so it’ll take up even less space in your backpack, without compromising on the features expected from a professional piece of kit. In fact, the Sony Alpha range is known to outperform traditional DSLRs in many comparison points, namely coping with low-light conditions, which is more important than you think whilst travelling. It’s not like you can bring a ring light with you! (Edit: actually, you can, but that’s not the point).

This camera is available to purchase with a 28-60mm kit lens or just the body on its own, so be careful which package you’re buying. Already heavily invested in the Canon or Nikon range? Don’t worry, you can convert your non-Sony lenses to be able to work on the Alpha 7C with this snazzy lens adaptor.

Recommended accessories to get the best out of this camera for travel blogging:

Platinum: DJI Mavic Air 2

Big boy stuff now. The DJI Mavic Air 2 is known amongst pros as one of the best drone cameras for travel blogging.  Mastering one of these bad bois is guaranteed to take your travel photos to striking new levels, so you can show off your adventures from every angle. This drone compact, and folds itself up once you’re ready to put it back in your backpack. It flies for up to 34 minutes at a time, and is capable of 8k hyperlapse to make your travel videos look like something out of a movie. Let your creativity fly high with this first-class camera for travel blogging!

Recommended accessories to get the best out of this camera for travel blogging:


So those are what I recommend as the best cameras for travel blogging on the market for you in 2021. Obviously, there are higher-end versions out there, and there are cheaper ones with fewer frills, but these four options are what I’d say strike an excellent balance between investment and quality.

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