Getting around Isla San Andrés: Golf cart rental on San Andres, Colombia

golf cart rental on san andres colombia

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Though there are public buses that go all the way around this Colombian island for 2,500 COP, golf cart rental on San Andrés is still the best way to get that true sense of freedom that you don’t get with other holidays. You can park your golf cart anywhere on the island for free, and stop as long as you want once you find a beach that you love.

Seriously, this is by far ONE OF THE BEST THINGS TO DO ON SAN ANDRES ISLAND. In fact, it’s so good that I’ve now done it three times with different visitors. Here’s a quick vlog of the first time got a golf cart rental on San Andrés, Colombia:

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Where can you go with your golf cart rental on San Andres, Colombia?

  • Botanical garden
  • Big Pond Lagoon
  • La Piscinita
  • West View Ecoparque
  • Reggae Roots Restaurant & Bar
  • Morgan’s cave
  • San Andrés’ most beautiful road
  • Hoyo Soplador geyser
  • Photos at the ‘I <3 SAI’ sign
  • All the Isla San Andres beaches!

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What’s the cost of golf cart rental on San Andres, Colombia?

Well, it depends on which type of buggy or golf cart you want, how many people you are and how much you care whether your golf cart rental on San Andres, Colombia is in tip-top condition. There are golf cart garages scattered all around the main town; the centre of town tends to have the best quality, newest and therefore most expensive golf cart rentals.

The cheapest we found was a 4-seater golf cart for 90k at an old workshop called Danilo’s Yard, but it was so rickety that we probably wouldn’t skimp out quite so much on golf cart rental on San Andres next time. Buggy and golf cart garages often have different prices for one day from morning until 6-7pm, or for a full 24 hours.

golf cart renting a buggy on San Andres colombia island travel guide

You also tend to have better negotiating power if looking for just a half-day golf cart rental, though wherever possible it is worth having the full day to explore. Hangovers forced us to just a half-day on our most recent visit!

You’ll also need to factor in fuel for the golf cart rental, which after a whole day of driving around San Andrés Island is usually only 20k COP or so. Some garages allow you to just pay 20K as a fixed fee for not refuelling if you didn’t have time to get to the petrol station before returning the vehicle.

The best prices for golf cart rental on San Andres we found were:

  • 150k for the day/ 250k for 24hrs for a big 4-seater golf cart with a luggage tray at the back (plus or minus a little depending on the power of the cart)
  • 120k for the day for a smaller 4-seater golf cart without luggage tray (rear seats facing backwards) at a reputable garage. These models aren’t available for 24 hours because the lights aren’t good enough to drive at night
  • 90k for the day for a 4-seater golf cart with backwards rear sears at Danilo’s yard – slightly less reputable; the golf cart couldn’t reverse and there was definitely something wrong with the steering. But hey, we made it!

If there’s only 1 or 2 of you in your travel party, more economical than golf cart rental on San Andres would be to rent a moped for 60-70k COP. Just be aware that the mopeds don’t usually come with helmets.

renting a buggy on san andres parking things to do on san andres

Safety of golf cart rental on San Andres

The only main road goes right the way around the island, so if you stick to this with your golf cart, it’s pretty difficult to get lost, but locals say it’s best to be back up in the North side of the island come nightfall. All places that offer golf cart rental on San Andrés warn you not to take it into the centre of the island, up La Loma, presumably because there’s a higher risk of being robbed up there.

While we thought it was a little over-cautious when we drove through it with Andy’s mum and stepdad just on the most major road it has, a few weeks later we drove to the Perry Hill part of La Loma to meet a local friend, at which point we realised that this warning is probably about a little more than getting a vehicle robbed.

isla san andres colombia la loma

We had old ladies crossing the street to tell us to get out of the area, and people on mopeds driving alongside us to ask what the hell we were doing there, and then tagging us slowly to escort us out of the neighbourhood while we were struggling to get the golf cart up the super-steep hill.

Driving a low-powered golf cart, through many parts of La Loma you’re a sore thumb and a sitting duck in an area that’s impoverished and still reeling from troubles with narco-traffickers.

Though we didn’t heed the advice previously, we would certainly recommend you keep to the outer ring road with your golf cart rental on San Andrés – or at least don’t delve too deeply into things in the middle of the island! There’s not much to see in La Loma other than a church and a 2k COP viewpoint, so you’re not hugely missing out. Stick to the stunning Isla San Andrés coastline!

renting a buggy on san andres island parking things to do on san andres


There we go, that’s all the knowledge I have to impart on golf cart rental on San Andres! Colombia’s gorgeous Caribbean gem really is best explored this way, so buckle up and get pootlin’ around!

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golf cart rental on san andres colombia

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