The perfect country to visit if you’re looking for gorgeous beaches, Caribbean climates, authentic salsa, life-changing arepas and parties you don’t remember.

How to get to Mompóx Colombia Magdalena travel guide | South America travel off the beaten path Colombia

Mompóx, Colombia, a pueblo frozen in time

Though it’s been on people’s travel radars for a while, there aren’t many tourists in the town still. When you read on to the “How to get to Mompox” section, you’ll understand why. There isn’t that much to do in Mompóx, but that makes it the perfect place for downtime.

Southwest Bay beaches of Providencia Island | Travel Guide to Isla de Providencia. Colombia Caribbean island

Rating the paradise beaches of Providencia Island, Colombia

On Isla de Providencia, our top recommendation would be to hire a moped or a golf buggy to beach hop around the island. With its small size, you can easily whip around it all in a day. The beaches of Providencia are located on the west side of the island.

Crab Cay Boutique Lodge Hotel Providencia Island, Colombia accommodation review: Colombia travel guide by Cuppa to Copa Travels Cayo Cangrejo at sunset

An honest review: Crab Cay Boutique Lodge, Isla de Providencia

A review of Crab Cay Boutique Lodge on Isla de Providencia, Colombia. Providencia is a Caribbean island owned by Colombia but closer geographically to Nicaragua, so you can expect those turquoise waters and white sands that so much of Central America is famous for.

South West beach, Providence Island. Crab Cay Boutique Lodge Hotel Providencia Island, Colombia accommodation review: Colombia travel guide by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Isla de Providencia, Colombia’s unspoilt paradise island

The lesser-visited sister of San Andrés, Isla de Providencia sits around 80 miles North-West of SA. It’s strongly Caribbean culture has the slightest of Colombian twists, and local life there appears laid-back and full of happy moments.

Monserrate Bogotá teleferico cable car | Bogotá Colombia bucketlist

What to do in Bogotá, Colombia’s highly under-rated capital

Bogotá totally took us by surprise during our travels. From other travellers’ reviews, we expected to hate this orange-bricked metropolis, but after spending over 2 weeks in Bogotá, using it as a base to have a normal working life during a big freelance project, we ended up loving it

Plaza Major Villa de Leyva, Colombia | Bogotá breaks | traditional Colombian town pueblo | Travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Villa de Leyva: Colombia’s stunning white pueblo

The jewel of Boyacá! Just 3-4 hours from Bogotá, Villa de Leyva is a well-preserved step back in time. It’s a popular city break from Bogotá, and whilst being a chilled place with fresh air it’s also packed with things to do.

Guide to Tequendama Falls | Bogotá day trips: Salta de Tequendama | Colombia travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Salto del Tequendama, Bogotá’s haunted waterfall

The beauty of Tequendama Falls is that it’s only actually a half day trip from Bogotá. This place drips in legend as the site from which the indigenous Muisca people jumped to their deaths to escape Spanish slavery, and its reputation for suicide continues today.

Guide to Guatavita Lake | Day trips from Bogotá | Colombia travel guides by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Guatavita, the lake that inspired the legend of El Dorado

The Sacred Lake is 7km from Guatavita town, so if you don’t have your own car you’ll need to get one of the buses that you can buy tickets for just opposite the old bullring (Plaza de Toros) in town. Read our 2019 travel guide to one of the most popular of Bogotá day trips!

bogota colombia | is bogota safe to travel teusaquillo

A guide to the best neighbourhoods of Bogotá, Colombia

There is a huge number of barrios of Bogotá, so we’ve provided a brief guide to the vibes of each one we spent a lot of time in. Hopefully this will help you decide where to stay in Bogotá and which parts of the city to visit. Don’t miss our Guide to Bogotá for what to see & do.

Guatape rock lake | La piedra de Guatapé | man-made lakes | Colombia travel guide by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Guatapé, Colombia: Medellín’s must-do day trip

Guatapé town itself is colourful, quaint and quiet. All around, you’ll see houses with murals on the outside like skirting boards, each with their own vibrant depictions of llamas, horses and old men at the bar.

The Beer in Colombia Guide: Colombia | Bar in Zipaquirá: Club Colombia, Aguila, Cerveza Roja | Beer in Colombia by Cuppa to Copa Travels

The Beer Guide: Colombia

Beer in Colombia is interesting compared with the rest of the continent, I’ve selected my key take-outs and ideas that might be replicable in other markets.

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